Fresh Foam 1080 cushioning performance has been improved again

As one of New Balance's best running shoe models, the Fresh Foam 1080 comes to its 12th generation. The full-length ace cushioning midsole Fresh Foam X foam has been further improved, which not only provides the best cushioning performance, helping runners to easily cope with the pressure that running brings to the feet, but also effectively reducing the carbon footprint. In addition, the distribution design of the Fresh Foam X has also been optimized, using more foam in wide areas and enhancing flexibility in narrow areas. Stepping movements are smoother and the training effect is improved. The outsole is made of grippy and wear-resistant foam rubber, which can accompany runners to stably drive different road sections for a long time.

Breathable and supportive Hypoknit upper

The Fresh Foam 1080 v12 is designed with a bootie that fits your foot with a molded heel guard to provide secure protection for your feet, allowing runners to feel more confident on every long run. The engineering knitted Hypoknit upper is light and breathable like a second skin, and the elasticity of different positions is precisely adjusted through the density of the knitting thread, which not only allows runners to keep their feet fresh at all times during long-term running, but also makes them more comfortable and provides your feet with targeted stretch elasticity and support. The new-generation N logo embellished with reflective details injects runners with different tastes and preferences into the power of continuous long-distance running.

What is Fresh Foam?

Fresh Foam represents a revolutionary advancement in the material that cushions the high impact foot strikes that occur on roads, tracks, courts, and fields everywhere. Informed by 3D motion captured pressure mapping and force application data gathered from real athletes. Fresh Foam is softness quantified.

Fresh Foam lineup

The Fresh Foam X 880: For the daily grind

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The Fresh Foam X 860: Essential stability

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The Fresh Foam X 1080: Ultra-cushioned performance

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Behind the design: Fresh Foam X 880v12

"880v12" was an incredible opportunity to bring ultimate cushion and comfort to reimagine our workhorse daily trainer. This is the 12th version of the 880 and our best version yet! We delivered a layer of Fresh Foam X closer to the root for a better step in and softness at impact and paired it with an energetic foam at the forefoot for toe off. An engineered mesh provides a soft and breathable fit that just melts around the foot.

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