Rewind X-90

Inspired by the 99x series, the X-90 is a refreshing take on a 90s favourite that perfectly fuses modern sports style with an authentic bold aesthetic for a look that will never fade away.


Meet the tastemakers who are shaping our dance, music and fashion scene with a fearless embrace of the nostalgic.

Loop Garms | Vintagewear Purveyors

Isaac Ang & FJ

Loop Garms | Vintagewear Purveyors

In Loop Garms, Isaac and FJ have found a hip platform to indulge in their passion for vintagewear, and to bring people together to celebrate the shared experience of nostalgia.

The bedrock of nostalgia is shared experiences – it’s really something that pulls a group of people together, so it’s like a talking point.

It was such an era of colour and individuality. The 90s is making a comeback because the different styles of that time were so iconically experimental and fun.

Eatmepoptart | DJs

Weelikeme & KiDG

Eatmepoptart | DJs

Spinning in a clubbing scene that is taking itself too seriously, DJs weelikeme and KiDG have been delighting party goers since 2004 with a set that unabashedly celebrates guilty pleasures from the yesteryears.

Basically you can just pick a bunch of stuff from different backgrounds and put them together, and it’ll just be soooooo 90s.

It’s hard not to reference 90s music when it comes to ideas. Folks still long for that period because of the nostalgic element, as it speaks of a good memorable time.

Meow the Cat Lady | Waacker

Melissa Lim

Meow the Cat Lady | Waacker

Working the dance scene for the last 12 years, Melissa Lim AKA Cat Lady is one of Singapore’s most versatile dancers and is a pioneering figure in propelling the local hip-hop and waacking movement.

It was about being who you are, #nofilter needed.
Not being afraid to express your individuality through your fashion choices.
My mom has some pretty awesome hand-me-downs. Every piece has a story older than me and when I wear them in my own way, it becomes #catladystyle.
X-90 Spec
X-90 Spec