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Fresh Foam 1080v9, White with Black & Deep Ozone Blue Fresh Foam 1080v9, Gunmetal with Outerspace & Energy Red Fresh Foam 1080v9, Black with White

Fresh Foam 1080v9

Men's Cushioning

Fresh Foam Arishi v2, Black

Fresh Foam Arishi v2

Men's Cushioning

Fresh Foam More, UV Blue with Black Fresh Foam More, Black with Orca

Fresh Foam More

Men's Cushioning

Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit, Blue with White Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit, Black with Deep Ozone Blue Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit, Black with Castlerock & White Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit, Deep Ozone Blue with Eclipse

Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit

Men's Cushioning

Fresh Foam Zante Solas, Black with Lead & White

Fresh Foam Zante Solas

Men's Cushioning

Men's Speed Running Shoes

FuelCell Rebel, Black FuelCell Rebel, Blue FuelCell Rebel, White

FuelCell Rebel

Men's Cushioning

FuelCore Coast v4, Steel with Gunmetal FuelCore Coast v4, White with Black FuelCore Coast v4, Black with Rain Cloud

FuelCore Coast v4

Men's Cushioning

FuelCore Sonic v2, Black

FuelCore Sonic v2

Men's Cushioning

Men's Distance Running Shoes

Rubix, White with Black & Energy Red


Men's Stability

860v9, Steel with Hi-Lite & Black 860v9, Mineral Green with Faded Rosin 860v9, Black with Magnet


Men's Stability

880v9, Black with Steel & Orca


Men's Cushioning

890v7, Eclipse with Alpha Orange & Bleached Lime Glo 890v7, Dark Agave with Orca & Bleached Lime Glo 890v7, White with Black & RGB Green


Men's Cushioning

1260v7, Thunder with Black


Men's Stability

Men's Modern Sport Style Running Shoes

CUSH+ District Run, Team Royal with White CUSH+ District Run, Black with Energy Red

CUSH+ District Run

Men's Cushioning

CUSH+ Street Run, White CUSH+ Street Run, Black

CUSH+ Street Run

Men's Cushioning

Fresh Foam Cruz v2, Black with Rain Cloud & Deep Ozone Blue

Fresh Foam Cruz v2

Men's Cushioning

Fresh Foam Lazr v2 HypoKnit, Black with Neon Emerald Fresh Foam Lazr v2 HypoKnit, Dark Covert Green

Fresh Foam Lazr v2 HypoKnit

Men's Cushioning

Fresh Foam Lazr v2 Sport Liverpool FC, Red with White

Fresh Foam Lazr v2

Men's Cushioning

Fresh Foam Roav, White with Black Fresh Foam Roav, Black with Energy Red and Magnet Fresh Foam Roav, UV Blue with Black & Bleached Lime Glo Fresh Foam Roav, Black with Neon Emerald & White Munsell

Fresh Foam Roav

Men's Cushioning

Fresh Foam Vero Sport, Navy Fresh Foam Vero Sport, Black

Fresh Foam Vero Sport

Men's Cushioning

Koze v1, Castlerock with Magnet Koze v1, Navy with Energy Red Koze v1, Black with Energy Red

Koze v1

Men's Cushioning

Men's Trail Running Shoes

Summit Unknown, UV Blue with Alpha Orange

Summit Unknown

Men's Cushioning

Men's spikes & competition shoes

1400v6, Black with Neon Emerald & Hi Lite


Men's Cushioning

1500v5, UV Blue with Dark Mango


Men's Stability

Men's Running Shoes

New Balance running shoes for men range from racing flats to minimal styles to trail running shoes. Designed to meet the unique needs of runners, our variety of styles deliver the cushioning, stability or lightweight feel you need to perform your best. Shop the running shoes for men above to see which option suits your personal style and needs. Constantly evolving and ever-changing to improve our men's running sneakers, New Balance is committed to bringing you fresh, high-performing products every time. Now, it's on you to get out and disrupt the norm.